A Weekly Dose of Sweet & Salty 

The Cellfie Show was created in March 2020 by Tori Meskin with the mission of "Making Healthcare Hip 1 Cellfie at a Time!" The podcast became a quick success and found a large audience within the healthcare community. After 40 episodes and multiple inspiring guests, one guest quickly became a fan favorite. Tori's friend of 8 years and fellow nurse, Sam Manassero, was the perfect "salty" balance to Tori's "sweet" side. Together, Tori + Sam are ready to take the podcast world by storm by bringing you the unfiltered side of the medical field. Tune in each week as they're talking "off the clock" about healthcare, self care, & the down and dirty in between!



Meet The Cellfie Show co-hosts Tori + Sam. They started off as co-workers in the NICU and quickly became friends. They bonded over night shifts and the fact that their fathers are both Southern CA farmers. They have an unmatched chemistry, bringing you their sassy banter and 17 years of collective nursing experience. 




My name is Tori Meskin or better known on instagram as @nurse.tori_  I attended the university of Arizona, (#beardown) where I obtained my BSN in 2012, then landed my first job as a New Grad in a Level IV NICU. I have been a NICU nurse, travel nurse, pediatric critical care float pool nurse, and worked and many different Level IV NICUs. I am currently working on my MSN in Leadership and enjoy sharing my grad school journey with you all. My passion as a content creator for my Blog "Tips From Tori" is what inspired me to start "The Cellfie Show" Podcast on 3.3.20. This has been an amazing experience and being a podcaster has become one of my biggest passions. I'm excited for the growth of "The Cellfie Show" by adding one of my best friends as Co-Host. Cheers to the Second Chapter of The Cellfie Show!




Hi! I’m Samantha Manassero or better known on instagram as @heysamanthaa. I graduated with my BSN in 2011 and started a new graduate RN Residency program at a Level IV NICU. I completed my MSN in Leadership in 2016 and began teaching nursing school at local Universities. After 7 years in the NICU I became an Emergency Flight/Transport nurse, an absolute dream job! I spend my free time training for powerlifting competitions, being the best dog & plant mom, and sharing my life through my Instagram. I am an advocate for eliminating the stigma regarding mental health and excited to have this platform where we can discuss topics that empower and uplift each other. Joining the Cellfie Show as Co-Host has been an amazing opportunity and I am excited for the future growth and continued success!